Welcome North Texas Elk Enthusiasts!

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is committed to preserving the habitat and expanding the range of North America's most magnificent creatures. Through the fund raising activities of local chapters, RMEF has undertaken conservation efforts on well over six million acres of prime habitat for winter feeding, spring calving grounds, summer retreats and seasonal migration routes in elk country across America. These efforts are focused on the needs of elk, but provide substantial benefits to all mountain wildlife. RMEF has also worked closely with state fish and game departments to re-introduce elk into parts of the country that have not had natural, free ranging elk populations in more than a hundred years, including Virgina.

Highlights from 2012 Include: Habitat enhancement on more than 81,000 acres (completing 211 projects in 21 states), and forever protecting almost 50,000 acres (through 21 permanent land protection projects in eight states!). Volunteers also chalked up more on-the-ground projects than ever before, spending their precious free time busting their backsides to improve the lives of elk by pulling miles of old fences from key travel corridors, installing dozens of new water sources in parched lands, and a host of other important habitat work. Getting young people, women, wounded veterans and others involved in hunting and conservation has always been one of RMEF's primary endeavors. In 2012 we staged or sponsored hunting heritage and conservation outreach projects in 43 states, reaching more than 350,000 children and adults. We capped the year off by setting a new record for membership. As of the final day of December, 196,079 people belonged to the RMEF, almost 12,000 more than at the end of 2011! And our "Hunting is Conservation" campaign gained tremendous traction in 2012. That's no surprise, because it's a statement straight from the heart of this organization. Plain and simple, RMEF is an outfit made up of elk hunters and those who embrace hunting as a way of life.

The North Texas Chapter has traditionally ranked in the upper echelon of hundreds of chapters across North America for its annual fund raising banquet. Each year our banquet draws about 350 attendees representing a cross section of sportsmen and conservationists from around the area. Last year these dedicated people contributed close to $100,000.00 by participating in the banquet games, raffles, and auctions, and took home quality merchandise, firearms, investment grade art, and opportunities to participate in high quality hunts and trips.