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2009 North Texas Rocky Mountain Elk Banquet

People don't belong to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation just to be members. They belong because they believe in it! They believe in the crucial need for the mission and in the organization's ability to fulfill it. RMEF members are doers by nature. They don't sit on the sidelines. And there is no stronger proof than what we, collectively, accomplished in 2016. In December 2016, the Elk Foundation reached a pair of genuine milestones, conserving its 7 millionth acre and notching the 1 millionth acre where we have created or improved access to public land. We take real pride in the cumulative impact we've made all across America in the 28 states where wild elk once again roam. But we are equally proud of what RMEF achieved just in 2016. By almost any measure, it was an exceptional year.

Depending upon who you ask, it was either Mark Twain or Will Rogers who said, "Buy land. They're not making it anymore."; You can't go wrong with either source or the wisdom of it. RMEF has been heeding that advice ever since we jumped into permanent land work back in 1987. For 30 years now, we have forever protected America's finest and most threatened elk country. We continued that tradition in 2016 by permanently protecting 43,510 acres of outstanding habitat. To that number add the 252,308 acres where RMEF greatly enhanced forage, water, cover, migration corridors and open space for elk and other wildlife in 2016. This habitat work is the meat and potatoes of our mission, the down-in-the-dirt stewardship that goes on day in and day out in every state where wild bulls bugle. All told, RMEF conserved just under 300,000 acres in 12 months. And that is far from all we accomplished.

All told RMEF has opened public access to more than 1.1 million acres in 23 states to ensure that people have high quality places where they can hunt, fish and simply enjoy being in elk country. Launched in 2015, RMEF's Access Elk Country Initiative aims to provide public access to at least 50,000 acres per year for five years. After just two years we have almost hit the total goal, securing access to 242,000 acres of public land. Just in 2016 we opened 165,439 acres of great elk country for public access.

The North Texas Chapter has traditionally ranked in the top echelon among hundreds of chapters across North America for its annual fund raising banquet. Each year our banquet draws more than 350 attendees representing a cross section of sportsmen and and conservationists from across the area. Last year these dedicated people contributed over $100,000.00 by participating in the banquet games, raffles, and auctions, and took home quality merchandise, firearms, investment grade art, and opportunities to participate in high quality hunts and trips.